Acai Berry Acai Berry

Acai Berry  : Latin "Euterpe Oleracea" / Japanese "Wakaba Cabbage Yashi"

?Acai is a small, deep-purple fruit about the size of a grape that grows in clusters on a palm tree of Euterpe Oleracea.
?The fruit grows naturally in humid floodplain swamps of the eastern Amazon River basin, State of Para under Equator, to be harvested. The miracle fruit which hundreds of years have made Indios alive under severe environment of only rainy season or dry season. The fragile fruit of Acai Berry, of which major nutritive value will be rapidly lost within 48 hours. The deserted Acai Berry, of which buds, called Palmito, have been ilegally deforested, was revaluated scientifically as the highest value of ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

To reproduce the Amazon Rainforest, Lungs of the earth
To gather the fecund Acai Berry, harvestable for one year, without cutting down Palm Trees to get precious Palmito, is directly connected to the contribution activities to protect global environment.

The Freeze Dried Powder Processings
With the Flash Pasteurization Process(US Patent) to powder and freeze dry the fragile fruits of Acai Berry within 48 hours after harvest, the Utah based MONAVIE suceeded in making final production by powdering the Acai Berry in Brazil, and blending and bottling the high quality Acai Berry Juice in USA with its nutrition management technologies.
The MONAVIE Acai Berry Premiere Blend Juice which is produced from 90% of Acai Berry harvested in the State of Para is really the gift from Amazon.

MLM Sales (Multi-Level Marketing)
The Cafe is not only retailing the MONAVIE Acai Berry Juice, but also making MLM partnership sales. MONAVIE Partnership Materials are available at Cafe. For more details, please refer to the bellow URL.
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