Cafe Room Menu :
Speciality beverage derived from despolpado coffee, Homemade Natural Sourdough Bread and Pastries are served at the Cafe. The Reservation of Small Group Parties and Scheduled Suppers would be appreciated.

Coffee Menu

Despolpado Coffee (Depulped Coffee)
(Roasted Beans available at the Shop)
Despolpado Coffee (Regular)
Despolpado Coffee (Large)
American Despolpado Coffee (Americano)
Milked Coffee (Cafe au Lait)

Cafesinho Despolpado (Cafesinho : Espresso)
Cafesinho Despolpado (Cafesinho : Espresso)
Cafesinho Party Set (Cafesinho Set in Bialetti 6)

Luncheon Menu

(Sourdough Bread available at the Shop)
Sourdough Bread Lunch with a cup of Despolpado Coffe (Regular)
Additional Sourdough Bread
Additional Today's Soup
Collagen Soup Udon
 Soup Udon
 Soup Udon (with Korean Red Hot Yannin)
SWAGAT Curry Rice SWAGAT Specaility Curry
 Golden Chicken Curry
 Spinach Curry
 Combination (Golden Chicken and Spinach)

Pastry Menu

(Whole Pie and Cake available at the Shop)
●Pie Cake Set with a cup of Despolpado Coffee (Regular)
Single Piece of Pie or Cake
●Madeleine Set with a cup of Despolpado Coffee (Regular)
 Single Piece of Madeleine (Large)

Cold Beverage

●Cold Drinks
Iced Coffee (Regular)
Iced Cafe au Lait (Large)
 Matcha Tea
●Frappe Ice Cafe Special Frappe
 Strawberry, Blue Hawaii, Cola, Melon, Mango etc.
 Macha Tea Uji Kintoki

Other Beverage

(MONA VIE Açai Juice available at the Shop)
MONA VIE Açai Juice (A large cup)
●Natural Orange Juice
●Natural Tomato Juice

A new menu is subject to be added or changed seasonally.
Please get in touch with the Cafe Room for details of Cafe Menu.


Cafe Room Interior View

Outside View

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