Commitment The Legendary Despolpado Coffee, an essence of brazilian coffee, shall be delivered by direct importation from Despolpadors.

The taste of the nostalgic genuine Coffee in Cafesinho, enhanced with the Açucar Sugar, shall be enjoyable.

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Despolpado Coffee
The Coffee Beans, crowned with the name of "Despolpado" meaning "Depulped, Clean", and almost annihilated about thirty years ago by big frosts in Brazil and have been just like "as sealed as jealously-guarded" in the Coffee Market. The Despolpado Coffee Legend of Despolpadores, who revived the legendary despolpado coffee.

A cup of coffee in the despolpado morning, "Café da Manhã", is a breeze from Tropic of Capricorn in Brazil.

The Cafesinho, the exquisite collaboration of Despolpado Coffee and "Açúcar" Sugar, is a Samba, Bosanova of Brazilian birth.
The Field Ceremony of Cafesinho served after sesta under the blue sky, is a gift of carnival.
The rain of Patagonia, Pantanal horizons will make cafesinho cups dance soon.
A pleasure to find the truth of brazilian coffee in a cafesinho.

  Despolpado Coffee Legend

The Rakkenji Cultured Leavens
Recipe of Sourdough Bread
Kinds of Sourdough Bread
The best way of how-to dine Sourdough Bread
The Baking Days

Sourdough Bread
The "Cafe Pao" bread is made of 100% natural materials, comprised of Apples, Carrots, Yams, Brown Rice Meals, and Leavens.
The Rakkenji Leavens, which have been originally cultured by Mr. & Mrs. Yamanouchi for 40 years and stabilized, shall be only succeded and preserved for domain bread making at Cafe. Recurred to the origin of bread, sourdough bread, the artificial chemical yeast shall never be used at all for "Cafe Pao".

The supreme eating zest textured by this paritucular sourdough bread will be full of a living power, an origin of life. The natural sourdough bread, in the Cafe Lunch Menu, to make guest enjoy this best feeling, will be provided as steamed deliberately each time just before service. This is the best way of how-to dine this natural sourdough bread.

We have only two kinds of Sourdough Bread, which have included Walnut and Raisin or not. It is aiming at a simple and staple bread like Campagne, and making a clear distinction with sweet Danish pastries. The recipe of sourdough bread is opened to the pupils of the Bread Classroom.

  Natural Sourdough Bread Classroom is occasionally opened.

About a couple of days for bread baking per month. For baking schedule, please inquire by phone or mail.

Kinds of Pastries
Recipe of Pastries

Homemade Pastries
Homemade Pastries made of 100% natural materials are also provided at the Cafe.
Seasonally Pie, Chiffon Cakes, Fruits Pound Cakes, Financier, Madeleine, Bavarois and so on will be available.
The recipe of homemade pastries is also opened to the pupils of the Pastry Classroom.

Açai Berry Juice
The Cafe is retailing the MONAVIE Açai Berry Juice from Amazon Brazil.

\600 per cup


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