Despolpado Coffee Legend

What is the "Despolpado Coffee" Beans?

Species of Coffee Mundo Novo
Despolpado Coffee Beans
Country of Origin Brazil
Place of Bean Production State of Parana
Farm Farm Teolandia
Farm Owner Jorge
Despolpador Jeandro
Honorable Despolpador Antonio
Roaster Henry

Despolpado Coffee is a Specialty Coffee, produced in the North Eastern Area of Parana State of Brazil, called as "Norte Pioneiro" (North Pioneer), which has deep taste of Terroir.
ACENPP (Associação de Cafés Especiais do Norte Pioneiro do Paraná )

After the red fruit beans of coffee cherry have been matured fermentedly on the trees, they are picked to dry and exposed to the sun in the yard that become high temperature to give their nourishment condensed completely back to the coffee beans. The high quality coffee fostered with hands and time, without any washingout with water at final stage, rather manually treated depulping of dried coffee cherry pulp with rakes, is only worth to be called as the Despolpado Coffee. Nowadays it is also called as "Café Cereja Descascado".

The Quality of Natural Coffee is raked and depulped after drying in the yard with high temperature.


The Despolpado Coffee refined through natural fermentation process, shooting an peculiar, gentle and mellow fragrance, provides an unforgettable deep taste, and it is told that those who visited the yard of despolpado coffee and drank it could not help being charmed with it, the coffee.
Crowned with the name of "Despolpado" meaning "Depulped, Clean", almost annihilated about thirty years ago by big frosts in Brazil and has being just like "as sealed as jealously-guarded" in the Coffee Market, is the Despolpado Coffee. Only a little amount of Despolpado Coffee is harvested now, but little by little it is reviving here.

The flesh part of coffee cherry is called as pulp. It may be possible to get rid of this pulp by washing out with water.
Even though it has fermentation process in its refining process, the washed out coffee beans are also washed out of its riped fermentation elements, of which important nourishment will be dissolved.
Therefore the "Process Coffee" or "Washed out Coffee" or "Pulped Coffee" would never be called as "CAFÉ NATURAL".

On the other hand, the sun dried coffee beans are adhered of remains of dried pulp. Up to now, it has not been too much talked about the existence of coffee workman called as "Despolpador", who have worked to rake and depulp the remains of dried pulp by sun drying and wind power and loved to mature the coffee beans to the mellow scent quality level.
However the word "Despolpador" was collected in the "Novo Dicionario Aurelio" published in 1975.
It is the Despolpado Coffee that the Coffee Making Meister called as "Despolpador" guarantee its final quality of beans.
The Despolpador of this shop coffee is Antonio, a Japanese Brazil Coffee Immigrant.
The Despolpado Coffee Beans are roasted in Japan under guidance of Antonio.


The sugar called "Açúcar" refined from sugarcane, which is indispensable to make "Cafesinho", is also a gift from the land of Branzil.

The Cafesinho, the exquisite collaboration of Despolpado Coffee and "Açúcar" Sugar, is a Samba, Bosanova of Brazilian birth.
The taste of true Brazilian Coffee core essence would be revived deeply and silently by Cafesinho Field Service.

The Legendary Despolpado Coffee, which has been crowned with the name of "Despolpado" meaning "Depulped, Clean", almost annihilated about thirty years ago by big frosts in Brazil and has being just like "as sealed as jealously-guarded" in the Coffee Market, and the Despolpadores. This Brazil Coffee Legend is in pararell with Brazil Coffee Immigrant's History.
The Coffee Story of Despolpadores of Brazil Coffee Immigrants, brown by a breeze from Tropic of Capricorn in Brazil and talled with a cup of coffee in the despolpado morning, "Café da Manhã", will be continued on.


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