• The North Pioneer Coffee of Paraná State

• The North Pioneer Coffee of Paraná State

The Paraná State North Pioneer was the entry gateway for colonization to all North Parana region, taking as coffeegrowing leverage propeller, already rooted in the ideal colonists, miners and paulistas, who "opened" the way for progress and economic development with coffee plantation cultivation. More than 200 cities appeared in this period, first half of 20th century, such as: Jacarezinho, Cornélio Procópio, Londoner and Maringá. There are traditional families of coffee-growers in this region, some are with more than 100 years of rich history connected with coffee.

Our region is favorable to the coffeegrowing, having ideal climatic conditions for the production of fine coffees, with annual temperatures middle between 19 and 22 ° C, resulted from the combination of altitude (from 500 to 900 m) and latitude (23 and 24 ° S), proportioned longer period between florescence and physiologic maturing of grains, allowing the fixation of more intense attributes and granting excellent characteristics of its drink, where it stand out: intense sweetness, gentleness, balanced body, pleasant citrus acidity and outstanding residual taste, with taste and fragrance oscillating between chocolate, caramel, floral citrus and fruited. It is still summed up as enviable qualities of our volcanic ground, the famous “terra roxa” and the pluviometric precipitation what allows the cultivation without watering, or with complementary watering, on the contrary of other regions where the watering is compulsory.

The coffee of Paraná State, along with the history, always had a high creputation in the national and international market, where it is refered as the quality of drink. The coffee-grrowing park of Paraná, where came to be representing approximately 40 % of the cultivated area and 50 % of the national production of coffee, suffered serious backstroke with the severe frost of 1975, compelled many traditional producers to migrate to other producing regions of Brazil, principally Minas Gerais, where the risk of frost is lesser, or to dedicate to other farming explorations in the ground of Paraná, where seem less risks of losses with frosts. n addition to that there was a fall in the technological level and of investments, with passing time, and also for the lack of solid plans for the coffee park recovery, led to a sad situation: Paraná State passed to be considered a low quality coffee producing state, the fact that, for many were missinformed and for speculators, persists up to today.

However it is of knowledge of the specialists in the coffee market and for the professionals connected with coffeegrowing, that the coffee of Paraná was always, and it never stopped being, procured many in comparison of "blends" (mix) with products of all the producing regions, due to its drinking quality and the attributes quoted previously.

The results obtained by coffee producers of Paraná North Pioneer Region in the quality contest, in state level and national, is proving our true potentiality. The Farm Califórnia, of Munincipal Jacarezinho, one of the suppliers of specialty coffee of Empório Café da Casa, presents in its curriculum the 2nd position in the category of "Cereja Descascado" (Descascado Coffee Cherry) in the Paraná 2009 Quality Contest, the 1st in 2010 in the same category, the 1st position in sustentability in the same contest in 2009 and 2010, being still the finalist of BSCA contest in 2010, being the 8th position in the official auction of the above-mentioned contest, among more than 30 participants of all Brazil.

Translation of the Article published by Empório Café da Casa at http://www.emporiocafedacasa.com.br

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